Wednesday, July 18, 2012

musings from the bathroom-running on empty

this is a sight i see quite frequently in the rooms at Seasons Inn. an empty toilet roll. oh, there's paper to be found, it just doesn't seem to always make it back to its place.


i find it here. a lot.

and here. a lot.

and in the middle of putting the 10,000th (quite possibly an exaggeration) roll back in the right place, i started thinking about people. about how everyone is so rushed. about how we all run from point A to point B and never really stop to enjoy it. how we never really enjoy life.

we're so busy MAKING a life, that we forget to LIVE it. and we're so tired at the end of it, that even the thought of putting the toilet paper roll back in place requires too much effort. (ok, let's be honest, some people are just lazy, but that's a totally different post!)

and sadly, how most of us find the only quiet time and sometimes the only peaceful part of our the bathroom. and i don't know about you, but i hardly think that's the place to be living life.

so i propose an idea. a goal. a challenge of sorts. let's all make a "my life rules" list. commandments of sorts to live by. nothing earth shattering or major, just a list of things you want to change, or improve, or do to give yourself more quality of life.

i made a list yesterday and it includes things like no computer after 8pm (to stop my endless internet wanderings on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, you name it, that sometimes leaves me going to bed at 1am only to lay there because my brain REFUSES to shut off),  all televisions off by 10pm (again with the 1am problem and i say "all" because we have one in each room in our house), and (imagine this!) going to bed by 10pm.

(here's the front of my list. i spared you the back because i figured you get the idea.)

it's not a pretty list. or a perfect list. or even a final list. i'll adjust it as i need to. and add to it when i need to. it's a work in progress.

kinda like me.

but i'm hoping that the quality of my list and the quality of my life greatly improves because i'm taking steps to make it that way.

because it's often when we take the time to notice something, that it finally becomes meaningful to us. and i don't know about you, but i could use a little more meaning to life.

and all this wisdom came from something we pretty much ignore every day.  who would have ever thought??!!

let's go out and live life people.

and let's start putting the toilet paper back on the roll.

for you.

and for me.

happy wednesday!!!


Glenda C. Beall said...

Colleen, I didn't know you had a motel in Blairsville. I learned something new today.
Nice blog.

Andrea Lyvers said...

I love it!!! I just love the way you write......the way your heart is just all up in your words. Thank you for always being yourself, Colleen......for always being real. You're beautiful and your blogs and your place reflect that. I see Jesus all over that reflection as well. I love you, my precious friend. Let me go check my toilet paper rolls......