Friday, December 28, 2012

born to be nice

we're pretty fortunate here at Seasons Inn. we always say we're not the fanciest ('cause we're not fancy people) but we're the cleanest and the friendliest place you can stay.

those are things we can control.


and friendly.

especially friendly.

because being friendly is important. being nice is important.

treating people how you want to be treated is important.

we know that.

we get it.

it's been instilled in both chris and i by our parents.

and now we instill it in our boys.

they've been taught to be nice. they've been challenged to be nice.

they are reminded to be nice.

today as we were heading to the bank, my youngest and i had the following conversation.

Tommy: "Mom?"

Me: "Yes?"

Tommy:  "I think people who are at work should have a smile on their face. I think they should act like they're in a good mood."

Me: "I agree. It's not fun to go somewhere and think the person is mad or in a bad mood."

Tommy: "Right. Even if you're in a bad mood you should serve people with happiness because that could make someone else happy too."


oh, tommy, you are so right.

there are those of us who are brought up to be nice. those of us who are taught to be nice.

and there are those that are born to be nice.

because to them, being nice is just as normal as breathing air. it comes naturally. and without hesitation.

because they want others to be happy.

and as our tommy boy knows at such a young age...that's a pretty great thing to be.


abba said...

I agree!! Smart youngster♥ Keep up the good job parents!

celina said...

tommy is very wise for his young years, thats why he is loved so much.